How to Remove DRM from Apple Music on Windows?


Apple Music is one of the biggest music streaming service in the entire industry. Ever since its inception back in 2015, it has been the choice of music streaming for Millions. Like every apple product, its ease of use is what sets it apart from most of the big shots that it’s competing with. However unlike an apple product, it’s very affordable coming in at just $9.99/month. The biggest advantage of using Apple’s service is its huge music library which is regularly updated with the latest of what the industry has to offer, all organized neatly for in an intuitive and easy to understand layout. So for the price, Apple Music does offer quite a lot and you can either stream it or download it offline so you can listen to it later.

There is however a big caveat; songs downloaded with the subscription can only be played on Apple devices such as an iPad, iPod and basically any “iDevice” (of which there are many). It can also be played in Microsoft Windows PC’s with iTunes installed. Apple’s FairPlay DRM restricts the playback of such files to other devices, than the devices mentioned above. So might as well forget playing those high quality tracks in your audiophile grade gear. But the question remains, what if there was a way to make those play in basically any device that you own? Yes it is entirely possible, just read on.

The Solution

Easy M4P Converter has got you covered. It is a powerful application that lets you remove the DRM from Apple Music’s downloaded files and old iTunes DRM protected files so you get an audio file free of restrictions and can be loaded and played into the device of your choice, be it an Android device or a Portable Media player or even in your car. It’s very easy to use, has a clean and uncluttered UI and best of all, it’s really fast.

Using Easy M4P Converter

Let’s start with the requirements to run the app on Windows:

Minimum specifications to run Easy M4P Converter
  1. 1. A PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10.
  2. 2. The latest version of iTunes.
  3. 3. Easy M4P Converter for Windows - You can download it here.

If your Windows PC meets the above specifications, then let’s move on to the tutorial..

Open Easy M4P converter from the Windows Start Menu or the Desktop icon or from the installation directory (Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Easy M4P Converter for Windows). Note: The App also opens iTunes when it’s launched.

The App start screen.

Start Easy M4P Converter

Let’s start with navigating the UI

  1. 1. The top bar has three buttons which refresh the track listing, change app preferences and start the DRM removal conversion process once it’s initiated.
  2. 2. On the left sided pane you can see the list of iTunes library locations.
  3. 3. Audio tracks and track information can be found at the center.
  4. 4. The bottom pane houses the output conversion options which lets you convert the audio files in the format of your choice.
  5. 5. The app preferences menu also lets you customize the looks of the app as well as several conversion options. Some of the settings are about conversion speed/quality, output filename format and also enabling ID3 tags.

Remove DRM Preferences Window

Starting the conversion of the media and removing the DRM

  1. 1. Open Easy M4P Converter for Windows and navigate to the downloaded tracks in your library.

  2. 2. Select the downloaded Apple Music tracks as shown below.

  3. Select Apple Music tracks

  4. 3. Select your desired output in the pane below. For now we’ll use the popular MP3 format set to 320 Kbps, then click on the ‘Convert’ button..

  5. Select desired output

  6. 4. Select the directory/folder in which you want to save the files. You can also rename the folder as per the album name.

  7. Select folder

  8. 5. Open the folder and click on the select folder option as highlighted.

  9. Open the folder

  10. 6. A progress window should appear. The bar represented by the Blue selection represents the percentage of the conversion of a single file while the bar represented by the Red selection represents the total progress if multiple audio files are selected.

  11. Start Removing DRM From Apple Music

  12. 7. Wait for the Apple Music conversion to finish. It’ll take a while depending on your computer's processing speed and the amount of resources allocated to the application.

  13. Apple Music conversion

  14. 8. After the application has completed the conversion, you can open the saved directory and find all the output audio files there.

  15. Completed the conversion

  16. 9. Now you can play downloaded Apple Music to any device that you wish.

  17. Play downloaded Apple Music


Easy M4P Converter is an awesome Windows software that helps you remove DRM from purchased Apple Music and help you convert them to any other format that you so desire like MP3 or M4A, thus again making them playable universally on any device. So you can purchase Easy M4P Converter at a low price of $39.95 USD and backup or take your iTunes library with you anywhere. This software is a hearty recommendation for anyone who want to avoid Apple’s high upgrade costs.


This review is intended to be used for personal devices only and to overcome the platform limitations of Apple Music. We strictly discourage piracy and the method has been demonstrated only for individuals who wish to avoid the high upgrade costs and limitations of Apple. We expect you to understand that we will not be responsible if you wished to distribute DRM protected content and any legal offence that you commit is at your own personal risk. We hold no responsibility for the act and its consequences.

Download Easy M4P Converter for Windows

Download Easy M4P Converter for Mac

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