Easy M4P Converter User Manual

Installation Instructions:

Installation (Windows):

Once the download completes, simply double-click the Easy M4P Converter Setup Wizard and follow the simple steps.

Installation (macOS):

Download Easy M4P Converter to your Mac, double-click to open Disk Image, simply drag the M4P Converter icon from the Disk Image to the Applications folder. once this is finished you can unmount the disk image and launch M4P Converter from the applications folder.

Starting the Software:

Here is the step by step guide on how to convert iTunes M4P music to MP3 on Windows:

1. Select iTunes Music

Launch Easy M4P Converter and iTunes will be launched automatically. Click the relevant Playlists category and select music you want to convert in the file list.

After adding music files, you may check again if they are the right music you want to convert. There is a check box ahead of each file in the converting list. You may check or uncheck them to confirm the final converting list.

Select iTunes Music

2. Select Output Format

After the files are selected, Select an output format in the bottom of the main window. The profile settings will be adjusted automatically according to the chosen output format. You can also set your own output parameters.

Select an output format

3. Set Output Folder (optional)

Upon installation, there will be a default output folder to store converted audio files. You can specify any other folder on your computer as output folder to replace the default one.

Set Output Folder

4. Batch re-name output files (optional)

You may also customize the output filename as you like. Click the “Options” button on the main interface or open the “Preferences” window:

Choose a custom format for your output file name which may contain artist, album, title, Track number, Disk ID and etc. You can change the amount and order to combine them freely.

M4P Converter Preferences

5. Start Conversion

Now it’s time to begin the music converting, click the "Convert" button and begin to convert iTunes music.

Converting iTunes music

When the conversion finished, you can play your converted iTunes music on any MP3/MP4 player, Mobile Phone or other digital media devices. You will not have format compatibility problems any more.

We are happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

Software support and issues: support@m4p-converter.com

Sales: sales@m4p-converter.com

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