Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a tutorial for Easy M4P Converter for Windows?

A: Yes, here: User Tutorial

Q: I tried loading today, and the Add Songs button is missing. Is there an update that I need to install to fix this issue?

A: The latest version has fixed this issue, Please download the version v8.7.8 of the M4P Converter from here and reinstall it.

Q: The software shows a spinning icon and loops at the Apple Music sign in prompt, How to fix this?

A: If you are unable to log in to your Apple account, Please update software to the latest version. and follow the steps below:
1. Close and exit our software
2. Find the temporary directory of the software, and delete it.
Process of delete the directory on macOS:
Right click Finder, Go > Go to Folder..., then enter ~/Library/Application Support/, find out our Converter folder and delete it.
Process of delete the directory on Windows:
Open File Explorer/Windows Explorer. Type %AppData% into the address bar and hit enter. Delete Easy M4P Converter folder.
3. Re-open the software, and do not click any operation in the software until the login highlight does not appear.
4. After the highlighted login prompt appears, follow the prompts to log in.

Q: Does the M4P Converter for Mac compatible with the newly released macOS Sonoma?

A: Yes, M4P Converter is completely compatible with the latest Sonoma 14.3 and will always keep up to date with the latest macOS.

Q: What output formats does Easy M4P Converter support?

A: For audio conversion Easy M4P Converter output formats are MP3, M4A, M4R, WAV, AAC, AC3, MKA, AU, AIFF, FLAC, and etc.

Q: After the conversion is complete, I can't find the converted MP3 files.

A: Please reboot your computer and that should resolve the issue.

Q: I get "PlayErr" in the Convert output "Status" field. Can you suggest a fix for this issue?

A: It has 5 possible solutions that should be tried in this order: 1). Make sure running program as administrator, For correct working on Windows 10, Please start the product using right clicking on the product icon, and selecting "Right as Administrator" menu item. 2). Please make sure iTunes is closed. Please don't use iTunes while converting. 3). Please check whether the problem only happens to individual files, if so, please try to convert them again. 4). If you are converting apple music, please download them from iCould to your local hard disk. 5). If it still does not work, Please try creating a new library, load the complete music back.

Q: Easy M4P Converter does not show any of the songs in iTunes, It just shows a blank screen under Playlists, How to fix this?

A: Trying to uninstall the store version of iTunes and Download the latest version of iTunes (v12.12) directly from the official website (not using MS Store version). and then try again.

Q: How to solve the problem that the output files contain gaps and distortions?

A: The solution is Go into iTunes preferences > Playback, and uncheck the "Crossfade Songs" option. If that does not help, Please try to converting iTunes music at slower speeds like 8x and 10x.

Q: Is legal to convert DRM protected M4P music to unprotected audio with Easy M4P Converter ?

A: Yes. It is 100% legal. The program emulates the workflow of recording to convert purchased Apple music to DRM-free files without breaking any digital right management. As a software user your legal rights are protected.

Q: What are the limitations of Easy M4P Converter trial version?

A: The trial version of Easy M4P Converter only allows you to convert three minutes for each audio file. Also the trial only allows you to use 30 days. while the full version does not have these restrictions. By using the trial version, potential customers can make sure that it is compatible with their computer systems and satisfy all of their requirements and demands before purchasing the full version.

Q: Is it possible to adjust the volume of the output files?

A: Yes, It is possible, You can adjust the volume for the output audio by clicking the "Options" button on the main interface, and then drag the Volume slider bar.

Q: When converting tracks Easy M4P converter does not recognize the end of the track and keeps recording with the progress stuck at e.g. 97.5%?

A: The solution is to download the latest version of Easy M4P Converter and reinstall it. In iTunes, if there is anything in the “Up next” list when the conversion happens it can append other songs to the end of each converted MP3. So you need to clear the “UP Next” field before doing any converting.

Q: Can Easy M4P Converter convert Apple Music from iCloud directly ?

A: Yes, The software supports remove DRM from Apple Music and convert Apple music from iCloud directly, No need to download Apple Music tracks to local.

Q: Can I copy my protected M4P music to iPhone/iPad or Car Player?

A: Yes, you can copy protected music to your iPhone/iPad or Car Player after you have converted them with Easy M4P Converter.

Q: When I run the software, it also runs iTunes automatically, can I quit it by myself?

A: M4P Converter works with iTunes, which needs iTunes to play the audio files through the whole conversion. You can't quit iTunes, otherwise the conversion will be failed because of the playing interrupted.

Q: How to fix ‘Cannot check for malicious software’ error on macOS Big Sur?

A: Please go to Finder, locate the M4P to MP3 Converter and Control-click on the app and choose Open in pop-up right menu. and in the dialog that appears, click Open. Enter your admin name and password when prompted.

Q: The output quality is unsatisfied, how to improve the output sound quality?

A: Please set the output format as MP3 and Bitrate as 256 kbps. and slow down the converting speed.

Q: How to convert protected Apple music to MP3 format on Windows?

A: Please follow the step by step guide on Howo to convert Apple music to MP3?

Q: How to convert M4P Files to M4A, MP3 or AAC on Windows?

A: Please follow the step by step guide on convert M4P to MP3, M4A, or AAC files without DRM ?

Q: What languages is Easy M4P Converter localized in?

A: Easy M4P Converter for Windows is available in 7 languages: English, Deutsch, Spanish, French, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. More languages are coming soon.

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